• $15.00

When: Mondays 10:30-11:15 am

Your child will thrive in our warm, nurturing, and FUN kids art classes! In this educational and inspiring children's art class experience that is loved by parents and kids alike, our young artists-in-the-making have a blast as they:

Create a variety of art projects through painting, drawing, mixed-media, and more 

• Receive one-on-one art instruction from inspiring art instructors

• Enjoy customized, encouraging art studio instruction and a small class size

 • Discover the world of famous artists and artistic play 

• Tap into creativity with child-friendly paintings on canvas, pastels, collage, papers, charcoal, inks, and a variety of magical hands-on art projects, materials, and artistic techniques 

• Learn to express themselves authentically and freely through art

 • Feel proud as they finish beautiful art to exhibit at home 

• Benefit with enhanced health and wellness that art and creativity are known for, such as: increased self-esteem, focus, communication skills, and even higher test scores!

Your budding artist will feel proud as they finish beautiful art to exhibit at home! Our unique, encouraging art classes allow your child’s creative spirit to soar, while feeling confident and happy in every art class, and all week long.